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This is the Ten Tons o’ Stuff edition

  • It’s all indicative: How is it President Water Walker has no problem releasing interrigation memos, but won’t release his birth certificate? ramble-truck3
  • It’s called “Reality”.  Look into it. And no, regarding those memos, I really don’t care about what’s being reported as tourture, because it isn’t torture, any more than being forced to listen to Barry Manilow covering AC/DC.   There’s a lot in the way of frantic sounding appeals to the high moral ground on this, all sounding like a ‘UNICEF’ PSA.  All nonsense, of course.   But look, even if it were torture…. and again I say…. even if it were, consider what happens to your moral and legal high ground if you don’t survive?  What happens is your enemy gets to choose what is moral and legal, what is not.  Somehow, that doesn’t strike me as furthering your goals. Unless, your goal is to lose thereby having your country… your society, as such, destroyed.Here’s a dose of reality for you, with all the appeals to artificially imposed nonsense stripped away:  War is the absence of law and morality. Law and Morality gets reestablished by the winners of the war. It’s that simple, and that direct. That’s a little known thing called ‘The reality of the situation’. It jolly well amazes me, the number of people who can’t deal with reality.
  • What vaule?  But of what value is releasing these documents now? He’s after political value at home, and he wants us to look good to despots around the world. Sorry, that’s what it comes down to. Did anyone notice Obama sitting there like he was in some kind of classroom, while Crazy Uncle Hugo blasted US Policy?  Obama’s actions make clear he agrees with Crazy Hugo.
  • A worth from the chair:  Stephen Hawking  could use some prayers and just good thoughts, just now.
  • Budget Perspective: AP is making a lot of hay of Obama’s pledge to cut $100 million from the budget. It’s a lot of money, certainly. But,  in terms of percentage, it seems to me about on par with my family buying one less six pack of cola, this year.  Funny, how the story never seems to mention what kind of percentage is being run, here.
  • No representation without taxation:  Strange as this may sound, I can willingly sign on to Derb’s call.  Those who don’t pay taxes, don’t vote. Of course this would effectively remove most Democrat voters from the voting booth… but I really don’t care what party they’re with. If they’re not constitubting to the funding, why are we allowing them to decide how that funding will be spent?
  • Grassroots:  Anyone who thinks the April 15th protests are a Republican Party event, had better think again.
  • The Green green grass of home: Glenn posts more pictures of Tea Party activity. Here, too.
  • Gorby? Is that you?  Speaking of Glenn, he wonders:  OBAMA: The American Gorbachev?  well, yeah, if by that you mean a failed Socialist,  who bows to tin pot dictators, yeah. Seems a reasonable comparison, at that.
  • Rattner Update:  We posted the other day about Rattner. Mickey’s updated us.
  • Welcome Back, Carter:  Iran is currently holding a Jurnalist in Iran for ‘Spying’.  She’s currently going through what is laughingly called their appeals process.  Meanwhile NORK is doing the same to Two Americans. Interestingly, we seem to have a pattern developing, here… one we never saw under President Bush. Can it be that the more ‘conciliatory’ (Read: Ass kissing) tone Obama’s projecting, is leaving us more open to these things? 
  • Why government grows: Dale notes Andy Rooney suggesting we should have all tex records public, and wonders, incredulously,

    Jebus Cripes, is there any freedom these morons are not willing to turn over to the government?

    Obviously, the answer is “No”, and is no less valid for our having repeatedly given it over the years. This stuff all comes out, though,when there’s a liberal in charge. We saw it under Carter, and Clinton, too. Of course, we were called liars for our pains.

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