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This is the Friday Fish Fry Edition.


  • (Chuckle) Insty notes Micheal Graham:

    MICHAEL GRAHAM: Janet Napolitano was right. There were hatemongers at the Tea Party rallies on Tax Day. They called themselves “reporters.” Remember when journalists sneered at those dumb bloggers with their obvious biases and potty-mouth approach? . . . .

    Yep. What you guys fail to connect with however, is the idea that anyone who agrees with the leftist dominated Dinosaur media, cannot possibly be biased in their eyes, because they think themselves unbiased. No amount of pointing to biased behavior like what we saw the other day, will convince them that THEY… The Dinosaur Media… are in fact the PROBLEM.

    All of this is nothing new, of course.. It’s just that when the power shifted in Washtington, the bias of the Dinosaurs was much harder to hide under a layer of leftist prattle and self-rightious indignation.

    fishfryplateSee, here’s the thing; Everyone thinks thmselves at the center of the political spectrum. Thus do we have the denizens of Democrat Underground, Willis, Greenwald Drum and so on making out like their views represent the political center.  (Choke, cough) That nonsense is comparatively easy to identify and deal with, at least for those not up to their pipicks in the juices of the socialism they preach in those places. But the when the Dinosaur media, which has spent so long trying to parley an image of being imune to such foibles as political bias, into an image of respectability and infalability, to the point where thye start believing their own shtick,  we have a problem, both as individuals and as a nation.

  • Fallen Arches, indeed: I smell a few lawsuits over this one.
  • Further Evidence Obama is a fool: As if we needed more .  Of course the usual ACLU Amen Chorus is warming up, St Andrew the Incontinent leading the charge.  As Don Surber points out, the insistence on persecuting the CIA for protecting the nation is absurd. Then again, that’s the left in our country today.  Let’s see, releasing classified documents which will hobble our efforts to secure our country, manipulation of the DHS, all for political purposes.  Oh, and terrorism doesn’t exist because we’ve changed the name from terrorism to something else. Yep. A typical day, in Leftie-land. I’m telling you, American blood will spilled on this account. I’m disgusted. And let me be clear; I support torture of these animals, when information is needful. If you think that problematic, ask yourself a question; What will happen to my lofty morality, if I’m not here to promote it?  You have to win the war, foirst and foremost before you can dictate morality. If they win… and this document release helps them to that end… they get to dictate what is moral and what is not.
  •  Speaking of Moral High Ground: The Wall Street Journal is reporting, this morning:

    Steven Rattner, the leader of the Obama administration’s auto task force, was one of the executives involved with payments under scrutiny in a probe of an alleged kickback scheme at New York state’s pension fund, according to a person familiar with the matter.



    A Securities and Exchange Commission complaint says a “senior executive” of Mr. Rattner’s investment firm met in 2004 with a politically connected consultant about a finder’s fee. Later, the complaint says, the firm received an investment from the state pension fund and paid $1.1 million in fees.

    The “senior executive,” not named in the complaint, is Mr. Rattner, according to the person familiar with the matter. He is co-founder of the investment firm, Quadrangle Group, which he left to join the Treasury Department to oversee the auto task force earlier this year. Neither Mr. Rattner nor Quadrangle has been accused of any wrongdoing. Mr. Rattner did not return calls for comment.

    It gets far more involved, as you might expect and frankly, all I can say is this: Is beinga criminal a requirement for being involved with the Obama Administration? THESE are the people who are suppsoed to drag our economy out of the current problems?  These are the people who dare preach to us about the moral high ground?  Ah, hopey changitude!

  •  fishYeah, Billy, I saw that:  And this thing is more indication of what I suggested to you yesterday… fear is a great motivator for good.  Can you imagine a better situation than when the government fears the people? And not just the government. That Susan Roesgen thing as we all mentioned yesterday? That is also a manifestation of fear. Unbridled, unreasoning, fear. It’s good to see.
  • Speaking of Roesgen  That story gets even better after CNN dropped off. Founding Bloggers passes along what happened after the Kleig lights got turned off.
  • Astroturf? Nancy Pelosi is afraid, too.  It’s the only explaination for what we saw out of her yesterday. Boortz, this morning comments on it:

    .Princess Nancy has come forward with her own theory as to how these rightwing extremists came to be protesting our government spending habits and our tax code. You’ll love this. Nancy Pelosi actually believes that these tea parties are supported by … ready for the class-warfare card? … “the high-end.” That’s just another way of saying the evil, filthy, disgusting rich. Here’s her quote:

    “This initiative is funded by the high-end. We call it ‘astroturf’; it’s not really a grassroots movement. It’s astroturfed by some of the wealthiest people in America to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich instead of for the great middle class.”

    So there you have it, folks. Rich people were behind this. They’re somehow using the masses to protest taxes so that the evil rich won’t have to pay their “fair share” of taxes. Why is it only the “great” middle class that is deserving of a tax cut? Is Princess Nancy implying that the evil rich don’t actually work to earn any of that money? Hmmmm. You know, of course, that she actually does believe that. Oh .. by the way, Nancy and her husband are worth in the tens of millions.

    Why the “Astroturf” word? Well … and let’s see if we can follow this: The tea party movement is not true grassroots. It’s fake. Fake because it’s promoted and financed by some rich people .. and Fox News, of course. Fake grass = Astroturf. Get it? Unusually clever for liberals, I’d say.

    I guess.  Neal correctly reminds us the Democrats are famous for doring what Pelosi suggests is being done with the tea Parties. Been doing it for decades. So, what Pelosi is doing is called ‘projection’. But frankly, when I hear her speaking about Astroturf, I can’t help but wonder, myself if she remembers what Bill Clinton told us he used to line his pickup truck bed with. You remember that story, right?

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