Clarice Feldman at Pajamas Media nails it cleanly:

As the president released the memos, C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta sent a letter to his agents:

In releasing these memos, the men and women of the CIA have assurances from both myself, and from Attorney General Holder, that we will protect all who acted reasonably [emphasis supplied] and relied upon legal advice from the Department of Justice that their actions were lawful. The attorney General has assured me that these individuals will not be prosecuted and that the government will stand by them.

This can hardly be of much comfort to those agents who realize that the government is now in the hands of those who’d sacrifice whole cities for some naïve notion of a moral high ground, which will make our enemies love us and cease their aggression. Such men are not likely to feel the need to worry much about the lives and safety of those who were tasked to save us and did so honorably and within the bounds of the law when the threat appeared more immediate.

Clarice focuses on the issue of the release of those documents, and calls them a dumb move. She then goes about repeatedly backing her conclusion with comments to that effect from various sources. IN this, also, she’s quite correct.

That said, however, this issue goes far deeper to the issue of harsh interrogation, itself. Consider the line again:

the government is now in the hands of those who’d sacrifice whole cities for some naïve notion of a moral high ground,

Exactly so. Somehow, the willingly chancing the lives of millions as opposed to pouring water on the face of a few to save those millions, doesn’t strike me as very moral.

It becomes less of a morality issue when as Clarice observes:

Former CIA Director Porter Goss has been unreservedly critical of Obama’s decision:

Porter Goss, former CIA director and past chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, blasted the Obama administration for releasing Justice Department memos on harsh interrogation techniques. “For the first time in my experience we’ve crossed the red line of properly protecting our national security in order to gain partisan political advantage,” Goss said in an interview.

History shows us that in the end, the far left will use whatever lever it can to maintain power, even up to and including riding the cusp of a moral issue they’d not give a whit about were it they in power.

I submit that the ongoing nature of the events around the world will show one of two things, and very soon indeed, particularly in Iran or Afghanistan; or more likely, Pakistan: Either our security, as weakened as it has been will be tragically exposed as such by another 9/11 type incident… or Obama will, as he has on other war on terror matter, adopt the Bush policies he’s made so much noise about.  For our sake, let’s hope it’s the latter.

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One Response to “Morality?  No…”

  1. For the record, be it noted that Obama’s considerations to release the CIA memos were purely poltical.  Dick Cheney ha gotten inside of Obama’s OODA loop.