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Liz Cheney – 1: Norah O’Donnell – 0

One, I am taking the liberty of editing Patterico [1], just a wee bit:

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (and Dick and Lynn Cheney daughter) Liz Cheney rips Norah O’Donnell a new.

Two, I second Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard [2]:

Of course, everyone’s first choice for president in 2012 is Dick Cheney. But Liz Cheney’s boffo performance [3] yesterday in the lefties’ den, MSNBC, defending sensible interrogation policies in the war on terror, surely puts her in contention for the runner-up position.

Three, as to the McCain father and daughter tag team:  One is dumb and the other one is well a  blond.

O’Donnell should not feel too bad.  I recall that Lynn ripped Wolf Blitzer a new one as well.