One, I am taking the liberty of editing Patterico , just a wee bit:

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (and Dick and Lynn Cheney daughter) Liz Cheney rips Norah O’Donnell a new.

Two, I second Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard:

Of course, everyone’s first choice for president in 2012 is Dick Cheney. But Liz Cheney’s boffo performance yesterday in the lefties’ den, MSNBC, defending sensible interrogation policies in the war on terror, surely puts her in contention for the runner-up position.

Three, as to the McCain father and daughter tag team:  One is dumb and the other one is well a  blond.

O’Donnell should not feel too bad.  I recall that Lynn ripped Wolf Blitzer a new one as well.

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