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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
I tend to let Eric to the long and intense. This morning, I make an exception.

 Bit rambled [1]:

The other shoe: I made mention in a Ramble last August of Jay Mariotti leaving his job in the traditional press. Seems he wasn’t quite as dumb as I took him for. The Sun-Times group went Chapter 11 today. I

Unlike he who not be metioned in Atlanta, the folks at the Sun-Times both read us and linked back.

Note to Angie(ibid):

You go, Girl: Some good thoughts directed to Angie Harmon would be helpful. Girl needs all the good vibe she can get [2].

The real world is racist, and sexist to boot.   I don’t apologize for recognizing and adjsuting  to  racist world.   Those who do not are naive fools.

About Blind Man Paterson(ibid):

I’m about ready to Join Rush in exiting New York [3]. Who’s with me?

This one is simple.  Blind Man Paterson and his fellow ‘rats have declared war on the residents of New York State.   In the midst of a bleeping recession, near depression, the glutonous bastards in Albany have increase state spending by nine percent.    Joseph Spector [4]:

Senate Republicans estimated that an upstate family [5] of four will have to pay about $2,400 more a year in higher state taxes and fees because of the budget.

I could use a bit of help on this one, but Patterson’s reckless budget will be moving families to poverty   That a family of four living less than $2,400 above the poverty line, under Patterson’s budget will now be living in poverty.   The good news is the the blind man term is up next year and Patterson is toast.    Shame Patterson can’t look in the mirror and see what toast looks like.

Obama’s conflict of Interest, Wall Street Journal)no link):

Only nine of GM’s “top 20 profit contributors in 2008” were cars; the rest were SUVs and trucks, which are politically incorrect on Capitol Hill and with the green lobbies. Chrysler has a similar problem. Even GM’s much-vaunted electric Volt car is “too expensive to be commercially successful,” according to Treasury.

In other words, Mr. Obama’s industrial policy vision runs directly counter to a strategy that would get the companies back to profitability as soon as possible. To help them sell those unwanted cars, Mr. Obama yesterday was already pledging that taxpayers will cover new-car warranties. And he urged Congress to pass a new “incentive program” (read: subsidy) for “cleaner car” purchases.

Obama has both the task of saving the people’s car company, General Motors, and his own obession with dealinog the supposed anthropogenic global warming.   Obama can not do both.  The shareholders of General Motors need to stand-up and protect their rights.   Obama needs to step aside, and let somebody who actually wants make cars try to save General Motors.