Bit I’ve always told you that Trya Banks was just Miss Andrea Sullivan in drag.    Anyhow,  Ms Banks seem powerfully interested in Bristol Palin’s sex life.

Levi Johnston not only says he practiced safe sex “most of the time” when they were together, he also reveals to Tyra Banks that he believes Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin knew he and Bristol were having sex when they lived under her roof. “I’m pretty sure she probably knew. Moms are pretty smart,” Johnston, 18, says in an interview set to air April

We, at Bitsblog, believe that turn about always fair game.    So we prepared to pay good cash  money for any tidbits about Banks’ sex like.    We will even go as high as half dollar, that fifty cents for you folks in Arkansas, for photographic evidence and whole seventy-five cents if picture is  with an animal.   No hampster shots please.

Can’t go no higher, unless I get a bigger allowance.

Story via Cassy Fiano.

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