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Binghamton Shooting the Work of the Pashtun, And Other Fairy Tales

Joyner this morning, sounds rather incredulous [1], as well he might, when he relates to us the claim of Baitullah Mehsud:

The diminutive Mehsud is considered the prime suspect [2] in the murder of Benazir Bhutto and he’s taken seriously.  But most are skeptical [3]. of this latest claim.

U.S. officials were not immediately available for comment about Mehsud’s claim, but Pakistani security analysts dismissed it as a publicity stunt.  The New York Times quoted representative Maurice Hinchey, whose district includes the town of Binghamton in New York state where the shooting took place, as saying indications were the gunman was an immigrant from Vietnam.

I suppose anything’s possible but it strains credulity that a Pashtun tribal leader has a network that includes Vietnamese immigrants in upstate New York.

Indeed, just so, James.

First of all, let’s look at what we know about the individual in question and see what fits.

I live about three hours out of Binghamton. I’ve worked in that market, and still have contacts in the region, and I’ve made a few calls to gather some info. That info has been confirmed on the mainline channels, so it seems safe enough to base some speculation on.

My understanding of the situation (As of Friday Night at least):

The guy just got laid off from his job at IBM. That much we know  We also know he’s from Vietnam. From what I know of his work history, (he’s moved around rather a lot over the years, Los Angeles was one of a few stops along his trajectory) it seems likely he’s here on some kind of a work permit, possibly an H1B.

Here’s where speculation… and I admit that’s what this is… comes into play.

When he got laid off, by definition, the H1B expired, as well. He was about to be sent back to Vietnam.

If he can’t have citizenship, well, neither can the rest of these poor sots. Boom.

Again, that’s speculation. But, it does rather neatly fit the known facts.

I am also forced by logic and principle to ask what would ahve happened if there was but one gun in the place owned by someone other than the loony. Save some lives that way.

Now, as to he Pashtun, and the claim of responsibility,  let me remind the reader of the many attacks on Israel by various groups… where for every bombing there’s at least a half dozen groups and usually more, claiming to be responsible for the attack, trying to better their own fortune and prestige in the terrorist world. This claim seems a page from that book.

It does interest me, however, that such an individual would have the information about the attack that quickly. Unless Satellite equipped TV’s are more the norm than I know in that region, that seems a question worth some research.

Addendum: (David L)

At this stage, I don’t know what happened in Binghamton.   I do commend President Obama for not doing a B.J. Clinton and pronouncing the cause even while the bodies are  still warm.   Remember it was Clinton who blamed the Oklahomo City bombing on talk radio even before  he knew if Timothy McVeigh even owned a radio.

In general, I believe that incidents can be stopped by one person and one gun, or by several who refuse to play the role of  victim.   Joel Myrick, and his Colt 1911 stopped a shooting spree in Pearl, Mississippi.  Colin Ferguson in a rail coach bull of passengers killed five people on the Long Island Railroad, because his would be victims refused to die like sheep but rather charged, tackled and detained  Ferguson.

As a society we have simply gone too far as an entitlement society.   People have come to believe they are entitled to a job or have a right to their fifteen minutes of fame.   The culture of self-esteem is killing us.   Which brings us to Mona Charen, National Review [4]:

Once again the cable news programs are going wall to wall covering the latest mass shooting. All other programming is on hold. I’ve said this before. When the news shows do this they are guaranteeing the next atrocity. A twisted desire for fame and attention drives some of this.

We should de-emphasis the culture of feeling good, even it means being bad, and replace it with a culture of being good.   For a novel idea, let us call it the Golden Rule.