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A Tale of Two Ambushs

In a firefight, superior firepower prevails, C.J. Chivers, New York Times [1];

An American platoon surprised an armed Taliban column on a forested ridgeline at night, and killed at least 13 insurgents, and perhaps many more, with rifles, machine guns, Claymore mines, hand grenades and a knife.

 As Bit rambled [2],

Speaking of Roesgen  That story gets even better after CNN [3] dropped off. Founding Bloggers passes along what happened after the Kleig lights got turned off.

The set to at the Chicago tea party was between a CNN info babe, one Susan Roesgan, and some guy named Norm.   Now thanks Allah Pundit, Hot Air [4], we know two things.   One, as for Norm, he went on the Mark Levin Show and acquited himself quite well, link [5].    Two, as for Ms. Roesgen [6], she is on vacation.

In the case of the Taliban, the party which got ambushed lost.   In Roesgen’s case, the ambushing party got tagged by her would be victim.   If the leftarded medias wants to take down the Tea Partys they are gong to need more than trite Organizing for America talking points.  

When the left’s front like reporters do have the command of the facts of Tea Party participant picked at random, they in for a long, and losing campaign.  In battle between facts and talking points, the facts will prevail.    Moral, homework is better than talking points.  All Roesgen had were her taking points.   She lost.