I noted this in passing before leaving for work this morning, on Fox News, in an article apparently originating on the Gannett wires. and I’ve since confirmed it with local sources down in Binghamton, New York :


A social services accounting clerk wants compensation for missing his lunch break on April 3 during a horrific upstate New York immigration center massacre that left 13 dead plus the gunman.

James Kauchis, a government employee of the Broome County Department of Social Services, confirmed that he filed a formal complaint last week seeking the pay, according to the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin.

But he wouldn’t discuss it with the newspaper.

“That’s a matter between me, the administration and the union,” Kauchis said.

 In this case, we have the worst of both worlds… he’s not only a union member, but a government employee. Regadless of what else hapened to others, no matter what they lost, (their lives, particularly) he wants to get paid for his… his lunch break?  No matter what else happens, this moron thinks he’s owed something. Just imagine the burden placed on him by his oppressive supervisors!  This poor man is yet another victim of the horrible tragedy down there in Binghamton. Imagine with me please…the hardship…  and indignity of having to miss lunch!

Oh, wait… by the report, I see his supervisors had already brought in pizza and so on to keep the troops entertained while the lockdown was going on. On the government dime.  Of itself a small matter, but just another factor in the measurement of this guy’s qualifications as a typical Union member. 

 There it is for all to see, people. A typical Union, at…. ummmmm… work. Is there any wonder why Union membership is at an all time low, outside the realm of government?

Now, of course, I’ll be told, in knee-jerk fashion, that Kauchis doesn’t represent all union workers. And of course, that’s utter nonsense. I don’t doubt that there are some union members who are slightly better, but the bottom line is his actions are the logical conclusion of Unions.  What he’s demanding is in fact the letter of the contract, else he’d not be making the demands. This is the logical conclusion of leaning so heavy on the law (And the contract is a law, of sorts being legally binding) that we forget our humanity. This kind of nonsense, at a usually lower level of intensity is exactly what killed off American industry. It’s why GM is preparing for bankruptcy, for example.

Gee, I wonder who this guy voted for in the last election? Given the hold the Democrat party has on the Unions… or is it the other way around…. I think we can take that aspect as a given.  

If there’s anyone with a sense of justice working in that building, down there, they’ll let him know on no uncertain terms what an idiot he’s being. But, now, these other other union/Government workers.  Chances of that ever happening are as close to nil as no matter.

Angry? You bet your sitting device, I’m angry. Alas, though, this is all too typical.

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