Eric Florack on April 4th, 2009

Oh, you didn’t hear about this one, I bet. TAMPA -Fox- Some local Walgreen’s stores are pulling a supposed likeness of President Barack Obama off their shelves. The ‘Chia Obama’ will no longer be sold there. Walgreen’s spokesman Michael Polzin explained to FOX 13 that local store managers have the ability to purchase and market […]

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davidl on April 4th, 2009

Obama the unlearned one  traveled to Europe to tell the unwashed masses that his fellow American were ‘arrogant’. Philip Sherwell, Telegraph (UK): His references to American “arrogance” and its “dismissive” attitude were viewed by some commentators as an unwarranted attack on his homeland while travelling abroad. In a speech in France, a country that has been […]

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Joyner this morning, sounds rather incredulous, as well he might, when he relates to us the claim of Baitullah Mehsud: The diminutive Mehsud is considered the prime suspect in the murder of Benazir Bhutto and he’s taken seriously.  But most are skeptical. of this latest claim. U.S. officials were not immediately available for comment about […]

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