If the reprobate, who thinks he is Attorney General, Eric Holder, has commented on this case, I am not aware of it.   James Taranto, Wall Street Journal, reports on an effort to recall a New Orleans council woman because she is the wrong race, to wit white:

WDSU-TV reports that a group styling itself Citizens For Accountability and Transparency in Government has filed a recall petition against Stacy Head, a New Orleans city councilman. The station quotes the group’s head:

“This is a majority black district, and we think that it should have black representation,” said Malcolm Suber, who is leading the recall petition. “And if it is going to be a white representative, they should be sensitive to the black community, and she is not . . . She is opposed to the interests of the black community, and again I think she’s a racist.”

So, just to sum up, Suber’s complaints about Head are as follows: 1) She’s the wrong color. 2) She’s racially prejudiced.

Head’s crime?   It appears she suppports honest govenment and not is afraid to confront black department heads, Jeff Crouere ,Bayou Buzz:

A white council member should be able to ask tough questions of an African American department head without being charged a racist. Instead of being recalled, Head should be commended for her dogged pursuit of the truth and her courage in taking on incompetent bureaucrats. The councilwoman is trying to safeguard city assets and does not want sanitation department funds wasted. She has a right to know why New Orleans spends so much more than other parishes on sanitation services.

Given that New Orleans voters elected Cold Cash Jefferson to Congress nine times, I am not all that impressed with their sensibilities.    Is Holder too much of a coward to comment on the Head case?

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