The more the clueless one, a/k/a Barack Obama talks, the more the market tanks BO seeme to think that Main Street and Wall Street are two seperate entities.  BO’s clueless is driving American wealth down.

In contrast, Bobby Jindal has a clue, video:

Hat tip and more: Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

First, no one is saying that they hope the country fails.  King equates country with Barack Obama in a weird way that suggests King has bought into the cult of personality, as though Obama has become King’s personal messiah.

Heck Ed, I’d say that Larry is too old to get Chrissy Matthews like tingle up his leg.

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One Response to “Unlike BO, Bobby Jindal has a Clue”

  1. If Larry King gets a tingle in his leg, it’s most likely a bladder issue.