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Scarlet Obama

Ed Mrrrissey, Hot Air, on Scarlet Obama, “Gone With The Change [1]:”

I’ll think about it tomorrow.  After all, tomorrow is another day.

The final couplet from Gone with the Wind offers an instructive look at the approach of President Barack Obama on pork.  He spent two years railing about special interests, lobbyist influence, and pork-barrel spending in Washington, and insisted that it took an outsider to bring Hope and Change to the federal government.  Instead of taking a stand, however, Obama allowed Congress to roll him for thousands of earmarks worth billions of dollars to lobbyists and special interests.

An appropriate photo manipulation would be amusing.

There is a pattern with BO.  He gives a great speech, but his actions seldom match his words.   Pay little attention to what BO says.  Pay attention to what he does.    What ever it takes to stand up to Mrs. Pelosi and Dirty Harry Reid on earmarks,  BO simply does not have it.