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Obama’s Brownshirts

I’d like you to look closely at S277. [1]

What we have here, is a bill mandating that you ‘volunteer’.

First off, the idea of mandatory national service is a direct violation of the 13th amendment. I find it interesting that so many of the leftie loons who were against the military draft on the idea that it constituted involntary seritude, are behind this one. It’s OK, apparently to serve the government if the government is run by liberal Democrats.

The effect, of course is an extension of the same effect every liberal Democrat administration has had for generations, now, on real charity; It will diminish the real charity work.  It will diminish real chaity funding. Government is not charity, it is force.

Further, what this thing also does is focus what people still decide to volunteer, into roles they would not otherwise take… ones that the government selects and approves of.

Ask Catholic Hospitals if that won’t diminish the s3ervice they perform to our communities, for example.

This thing needs to be soundly defeated.