The right of a citizen to petition the state is fundamental, presumed to have been endowed by our creator.   More over, all members of the public have a right to attend public meetings.   Yet for reaons unknown to thinking man, the one, who claimes to have taoght constitutional law, demonstrates a pathetic ignorance of the Constitution of the United States, Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico:

Under the directive, which began going into effect this week, agency officials are required to begin meetings about stimulus funding for projects by asking whether any party to the conversation is a lobbyist.

“If so, the lobbyist may not attend or participate in the telephonic or in-person contact, but may submit a communication in writing,” reads Obama’s memo, which requires the agencies to post lobbyists’ written communications online

Ed Morrisey, Hot Air, draws an analogy between Obama question and that which be asked by a whore:

This procedure sounds a lot like the kinds of questions hookers ask johns to keep from getting busted, under the mistaken notion that a cop has to admit his identity if asked directly to avoid entrapment. In this case, with loads of cash going to little use, the situation is reversed but still ironically applicable. The johns now have to ask the hookers whether they’re professionals or amateurs.

The ACLU and CREW consider this an unconstitutional infringement. The First Amendment reads in full

 For the record, i agree with both the ACLU, and CREW.

I implore you to attend any public meetings pertaining the the Stimulus and to respectfully refuse to answer the question of if you are a  lobbyiest.   The state has no right to ask the question, and you have no duty to answer it.

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