Welcome one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere… to be used only for hand to hand combat…Bitsblog’s Nightly Ramble.

This is the “More Snow” edition. ramble-barbaitboat Scientists agree that reading these daily updates… well, nightly updates… can make you a very smart man. Unless you are, in fact, a woman. That’s handy information to have, particularly if you’re looking for the men’s room.

  • Glenn mentions today:

    HEY, WASN’T HE CALLING WASHINGTONIANS SNOW-WIMPS JUST THE OTHER DAY? Barack Obama cancels press conference with Gordon Brown “because of snow”.

    Yeah, well,remember why Brown came here; He was here to remind Obama his call for protectionism isn’t very popular in the UK and elsewhere. Can’t imagine why Obama would cancel under those conditions.

  • The Dow is off again today.  How much is that now that Obama’s taken office? 3000 or so off? Eventually, Obama’s going to run out of excuses. The WSJ thinks so, too.  At which point, like Brown’s visit, we won’t hear much about it again. And why is it so down? Might the two years of Democrats… Obama included, talking down the economy, and going to war against the rich… might that have anything do do with it?  He may be talking it up now, but the damage is done, I think. And what we see Obama doing now isn’t geoing to help. If Obama’s policies were with a bucket of used spam snot, we’d have seen some rebounding n the market already.  The administration is at this point out of ideas and too idealogically landlocked to apply something that will really work.such as eliminating mark to market, dumping Sarbanes-Oxley, making the Bush tax cuts permanant, and so on.
  • Check VDH’s column today.
  • Blago got six figures to write a book?   The question becomes whether not making their money back was ever the object in the first place. In looking at his recent record, one almost has to figure that Blagojevich does everything he does for reasons of political and monetary gain. One also gets the impression that he doesn’t see any differentiation between the two. On that basis, one might assume that the six figure salary for the book that nobody’s going to read is in fact political payback for something or another. I suspect if we look closely will find that the publisher in question, while Hollywood based, has some of it’s operations in Illinois. Out another way; There’s more going in here than a company getting stupid about the amount of money they’re paying for a book.
  • A third place at OTB’s Caption Contest reveals a Dick Tater.
  • Ho, hum, just another tax cheat appointed by Obama.  Starting to look like cheating on your taxes (at least) is a prerequisite for appointment in this administration.
  • Barry Manilow sings “Back in Black”

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