pizza-rambleWelcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere…;The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble

This is the “More Pizza” edition. I feel like Pizza for some reason, tonight. Sping, perhaps.

  • What is rich?  Megan says:

    …that the definition of “very rich” seems increasingly to be set at “just above the level a top-notch journalist in a two-earner couple could be expected to pull down”….

    No. the more universal method of determining “Rich” is someone who makes dollar one more than the speaker does. That said, however, let’s face this one: all this smoke and fury on wealth envy is actually driven by those interested in making government bigger, and more powerful.

  •  The Peasants are revolting: Among other places, in Kansas and Connecticut. 
  • I keep hearing about how Obama turned down a Meet the Depressed stint because he thought David Gregory wasn’t enough of a challange. Yeah, right. Oh, more than granted, Gregory is no great shakes, and would likely softball the man to death…. but let’s be real about this…Obama couldn’t stay with Jay Leno… 
  • Da Big 4-0: Happy Birthday to Jonah Goldberg.
  • I’ll take the pesticide, please:  So, someone found the world’s deadliest spider in the whole foods section? Kinda makes one think about using pesticides, again, doesn’t it? Do you really wanna die for those natural bannanas?
  • We’re growing: I’m noting a change in the people coming into BitsBlog, daily. Whereas the majority of our traffic has been from Google Searches over the years, indicating one time viewers, with a somewhat smaller number of regulars, I’ve noted we’re getting more and more people visiting the site directly, with no linkage to Google, or any other search engine. Today it’s running around 60% of total traffic, with 40% coming from other blogs and Google, etc. I take this to mean that our regular following is growing, and it pleases me no end.
  • Rumor mill:  If Geithner gets the hook, JPM Chase may be losing a CEO.
  • The ‘In The Tank’ network, Tanked:  When you see MSNBC beating up on CNN, you know something’s up. Apparently, CNN has lost their moonbat viewers.
  • The Thugs have taken over: Union thuggery continues apace
  • It’s a Gas: Propane powered V8’s?  Not a bad idea, but wait until government gets ahold of it.  They’ll have the price up so high it’ll be cheaper to burn oil, even at $4/gal.
  • Yeah, they knew: Lots of finger-pointing and denials going on over the AIG thing, but what we do know is Treasury knew about the bonuses months ago. Of course they’re still not mentioning similar bonus programs at Fannie and Freddie. Oughta be a clue that there’s something else that’s central in this, we’re not being told about.

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