Mrs. Pelosi, a/k/a Speaker Table Cloth, evidently thinks it is acceptable to pander to illegals, and their supporters, by insulting our Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents, from Real Clear Politics:

Appearing in front of a group of legal and illegal immigrants at a church in San Francisco, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it is “un-American” to enforce current US immigration law


Now let me see if I can get the gist of what Speaker Table Cloth is saying, and not saying. Having imigrations laws on the books is not unpatriotic. However actually enforcing said laws somehow is unpatriotic? Well nobody has ever accused Mrs. Pelosi of being smart.

Congressman Lamar Smith(Texas – Twenty One), courtesy of Michelle:

“The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Speaker Pelosi called worksite arrests and deportation of illegal workers ‘un-American.’ That’s quite a powerful word – ‘un-American.’ And it’s quite a spectacle to have the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives call the actions of our law enforcement men and women ‘un-American.’

“We should praise them, not insult them, for enforcing our immigration laws.

“Twelve million Americans are out of work. Seven million illegal workers hold jobs that should go to citizens and legal immigrant workers. Let’s let the American people decide what is ‘un-American.’ We should not criticize law enforcement personnel; instead, we should be grateful for the job they do.”

You know what’s un-American?

Nancy PelosiIf Mrs. Pelosi thinks our immigration laws are unpatriotic, as Speaker of the House,  she has the power to introduce legislation to take the laws off the books.    However until Mrs. Pelosi does introduce legislation to such effect, she should simply shut up and support our nation’s laws.   To do otherwise is simply unpatriotic.

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