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How Lame Can You Go?

The ‘rats had a contest to write the slogan for an anti-Rush Limbaugh billboard.  This is this winner of that contest:

“Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure

Michelle thinks the slogan is lame [1].   So do I    If fact, I will open the floor readers to submit their own anti-Rush slogan, all in the spirit of fun.    Submit your own witty Rush bashing slogan.    No slogan can change the fact that Barack Obama has crashed the economy.    Limbaugh’s show makes money.   Obama’s presidency is draining our nations wealth.

Don Surbet [2]:

The DNC picked the above sign to be its anti-Rush Limbaugh billboard, because as everyone knows President Obama cannot handle anything tougher than an overweight, hard-of-hearing old guy in Florida.

Watch who you are calling old Don.