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Eric Cantor: Mrs. Pelosi has Failed

Statement from House Republican Whip, Eric Cantor [1]:

“Just three weeks after President Obama signed his ‘stimulus’ bill into law, Congressional Democrats are already conceding that it will fail to achieve its objective. As the Speaker knows, the only reason to craft a second stimulus bill would be if the first one failed. Every Republican in the House voted against the first stimulus bill because we believed that Congress could do better, and we had a plan to achieve that goal. America does not need another massive spending bill, what we need is to create jobs.

“Republicans developed an innovative plan to preserve, protect, and create twice as many jobs as the bill that Speaker Pelosi rushed to the floor last month. If Democrats believe that their stimulus bill has fallen short, then we should work together on the Republican Economic Recovery Act, which would revitalize struggling small businesses, help middle-class families, and immediately rekindle America’s economy and create jobs.”

Travis [2]Mrs. Pelosi has conceded,  albeit maybe not admittted, that her massive Porkulus spending bill has failed.   The  problem for Mrs. Pelosi is that  now that  Travis is dead, she has no one to write her new spending bill.

Note on the picture, I had wondered this might be picture of Mrs. Pelosi, but not enough Botox.    Then on the other pay, it  could very well be David Obey [3].