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Did CanuckCare Kill Natasha Richardson?

Did the rationed Canadian healthcare system  kill Natasha Richardson?   The American Spectator says it did [1].    I am going to say no.  However, the degree of culpability aside, it is clear that Canada does not have a First World medical system:

The province of Quebec lacks a medical helicopter system, common in the United States and other parts of Canada, to airlift stricken patients to major trauma centers. Montreal’s top head trauma doctor said Friday that may have played a role in Richardson’s death.

“It’s impossible for me to comment specifically about her case, but what I could say is … driving to Mont Tremblant from the city (Montreal) is a 2 1/2-hour trip, and the closest trauma center is in the city. Our system isn’t set up for traumas and doesn’t match what’s available in other Canadian cities, let alone in the States,” said Tarek Razek, director of trauma services for the McGill University Health Centre, which represents six of Montreal’s hospitals.

There is a reason that sick Canadians who have the time and money travel south of the border to seek medical care.  Canadians like to live.   Healthcare in the United States is simply better than it is in Canada.   President Barack Obama wants to replace our system, which works, with one resembling the Canadian system, which does not work.    Are you willing to bet your life that Obama’s healthcare system will actually work?