Did the rationed Canadian healthcare system  kill Natasha Richardson?   The American Spectator says it did.    I am going to say no.  However, the degree of culpability aside, it is clear that Canada does not have a First World medical system:

The province of Quebec lacks a medical helicopter system, common in the United States and other parts of Canada, to airlift stricken patients to major trauma centers. Montreal’s top head trauma doctor said Friday that may have played a role in Richardson’s death.

“It’s impossible for me to comment specifically about her case, but what I could say is … driving to Mont Tremblant from the city (Montreal) is a 2 1/2-hour trip, and the closest trauma center is in the city. Our system isn’t set up for traumas and doesn’t match what’s available in other Canadian cities, let alone in the States,” said Tarek Razek, director of trauma services for the McGill University Health Centre, which represents six of Montreal’s hospitals.

There is a reason that sick Canadians who have the time and money travel south of the border to seek medical care.  Canadians like to live.   Healthcare in the United States is simply better than it is in Canada.   President Barack Obama wants to replace our system, which works, with one resembling the Canadian system, which does not work.    Are you willing to bet your life that Obama’s healthcare system will actually work?

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4 Responses to “Did CanuckCare Kill Natasha Richardson?”

  1. I would like to offer my sympathy and correct some inaccuracy.

    Quebec public health care systems as a fleet compose of 2 Bombardier Challeger airplane , one hospital equips and ambulance equip. Helicopter ambulance service is assured by a non-profit organisation ( AirMedic ).  Both service cover the entire province especially remote area, considering the vast territory an elaborate air emergency service is provided.

    Sacre- Coeur (Sacred heart) hospital, located in Montreal is one of the most advance trauma centre in North America with and heliport, state of the art equipment and experience medical team.

    St-Agathe hospital, located 1 hour from Montreal, is a regional hospital part of a larger regional organisation that offers medical and social care, 1200 employees and doctor in many installations with 350 beds for short and long term care serving a population of 60,000.

    It also surprising that the head of trauma from McGill would say that they are not set-up to treat trauma patient.

    All this to say, even if our public system is not perfect, a Canadian will live 3 years longer and 3 more baby will survive, compare to US .  It unfortunate that some use this tragedy to promote their ideology with false information.

  2. All this to say, even if our public system is not perfect, a Canadian will live 3 years longer and 3 more baby will survive, compare to US .  It unfortunate that some use this tragedy to promote their ideology with false information.
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    As to the last point first, I hestate to draw conclusions bases on two different demographic groups.  Canadians may well live longer simply because they car Canandians That to say, they composed of ethnic groups which tend to have longer lives.  Done, and said.

    As to the cause of Richardson’s death, the fact that she declined medical trearment for the first critical hour leads to be to believe she would have died either side of the border.

    To my main point, the the heathcare system in the United States is better.  Canadians can who afford and need medical treatment do come to the United States.  US citizens do not go north of the border to seek critical medical care.  The United States offers the best medical care in in the world, and Barack Obama wants to make it worse.  Obama’s choice will kill peiple, including Candians who will no longer be able to travel south of the border in order to save their lives.

  3. As a Canadian, I’m not part of the US political debate, but what I’m not comfortable with is, bashing one system to get a point across.

    The statistic use in my comment are from the World Health organization, witch rank country base on different factor.
    If I take only the G8, US score lower then UK, France, Canada,
    On life expectancy and new born death rate.

    You also might want to actualise your info, in 2007, 750,000 US resident cross the Canadian border to seek medical treatment, it expected that this number will reach 6 millions by 2011.

    You are right in saying that wealthy Canadian, will seek the best in US or any other country for medical treatment.

  4. The United States ranks lower in infant morality because is in some nations, an infant born with severe congential defects are not considered to have born alive.  No attempt is made to save them. In the United States, we attempt to save them, and sometimes succeed.  It you a sick baby, it is best to be born south of the border.

    i don’t know how good the mail service is in Canada, but here the govement can’t run the postal system.  Now they want to run the enti healthcare system.  That is reason to be afraid.