This one didn’t take long at all, Geraghty’s Law:

All Barack Obama statements come with an expiration date. All of them.

Jay P. Greene:

President Obama gave a great speech yesterday in which he strongly endorsed charter schools and merit pay.  He also emphasized the need to remove ineffective teachers from classrooms and to expand access to pre-school.

The problem is that these words bear almost no resemblance to the education priorities contained in Obama’s legislative agenda.  This is really strange.

I don’t think that is strange at all.  In fact I call it normal for the Obama administration.

Heritage Foundation:

Outlining his educational policy yesterday, President Barack Obama said: “And I want every child in this country to have the same chance that my mother gave me, that my teachers gave me, that my college professors gave me, that America gave me.” These are wonderful words, but unless President Obama vetoes the $410 billion omnibus spending bill heading towards his desk, he will fall far short of living up to them.

Inserted into the omnibus’ 1,132 pages is language dictated to Congress by teachers’ unions killing 1,700 scholarships that enable kindergarten through 12th grade students from low-income families in the District of Columbia to attend private schools. Conservative in the Senate fought to strip the provision from the bill last night, but were defeated by the liberal majority.

Obama sure gives a nice sounding speech.  Shame for us that Obama’s speeches are no more than mere words.

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