Barack Obama party animalObama thinks al Qaead is merely misunderstood,  He thinks Rush Limbaugh is evil.David Goldstein, McClatchy Newspapers:

 WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he would never put communities like Leavenworth, Kan., at risk in deciding where to relocate prisoners once the Guantanamo detention camp is closed.


“I recognize why people are concerned,” the president said. “I have every confidence we can determine the ultimate fates of those in Guantanamo in a way that’s consistent with our values . . . our ideals, and keeps us safe and secure.”

As Geraghty’s Law attests, with BO never is a very short time,  Jake Tapper and Yunji de Nies:

 Candidate Obama said then “we can no longer accept a process that doles out earmarks based on a member of Congress’ seniority, rather than the merit of the project. We can no longer accept an earmarks process that has become so complicated to navigate that a municipality or non-profit group has to hire high-priced D.C. lobbyists to do it. And we can no longer accept an earmarks process in which many of the projects being funded fail to address the real needs of our country.”

 Today, of course, President Obama will sign into law more than 8,000 earmarks for FY 2009, part of the $410 billion omnibus spending bill

As a candidate, Barack Obama promised to mend a broken system of earmarks which wasted your tax dollars.   Obama lied.   Now Obama is making another promise, this time it is not merely your tax dollars at stake, but your very liefs.   Can you trust Obama to keep his word this time?

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