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Terror in Rochester

This is f*cking pathetic.   A neighborhood is gripped by terror and the residents are forced to hold prayer vigils.   As if prayer vigils ever made a dangerous neighborhiood safe, WHEC-TV [1], Rochester, NY:

On Dayton Street, in the neighborhood where a Rochester Police officer was shot, the neighbors who say the crime is out of control.Just after 5 this evening, a prayer vigil just wrapped up where the officer was shot.


He was the only neighbor willing to talk on camera.”Most people don’t want to come forward because they don’t want to endanger their lives. They don’t want to get shot so they just mind their own business.”

This is what victim disarmament, a/k/a common sense gun control does to an otherwise peaceful neighborhood.    Free men are free to carry arms.   Serfs are not.   The residents of Rochester, like most of New York’s cities, are no more than serfs.