Barack ObamaFrom the New York Slimes:

Mr. Obama called Ms. Collins and Mr. Specter, as well as Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, another Republican expected to support the deal, to acknowledge they were acting against pressure from their party and, one official said, to thank them for their patriotism in helping advance the bill at a critical time.

Hat tip:  Michelle.

John Kerry as attributed by Mary Katherine Ham, Weekly Standard

I’ve supported many tax cuts over the years, and there are tax cuts in this proposal. But a tax cut is non-targeted.

If you put a tax cut into the hands of a business or family, there’s no guarantee that they’re going to invest that or invest it in America.

They’re free to go invest anywhere that they want if they choose to invest

I don’t know about yoiu, but I am not so inclined to let BO and Kerry redefine patriotism to fit there own partisan purposes.   Are you?

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