I have wondered openly in answering feedback mail and in comments sections on other blogs, over the last few days, if the electorate were not being intentionally overwhelmed by the issues being thrown at us by the Democrats. Object being, to slide as much possible by us in the confusion. I’ve been working on the wording of a Bitsblog post to that effect for about as long.  So, along comes Glenn Beck last night, and beats me to the punch;

So I contend the president is a genius.

Who is he? He’s David Copperfield: A master of misdirection, who is making sure that so much is going on that it wears you out. You’re feeling overwhelmed and it’s all intentional.

Look at all the things going on just in a few weeks:

Obama closed Gitmo and dropped the charges against the guy who bombed the USS. Cole. He moved the Census into the White House. Then, there’s the No. 2 attorney general who stood up for child pornographers, TARP 2.0 and all the clowns in Washington with scandals: like Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, the performance czar, Charlie Rangel and Chris Dodd.

These are all individual outrages, set up to divide the media’s attention and your attention — which need to be unified, like an army.

It’s simply a matter of divide and conquer.

You are saying, “I’m just trying to hang onto my job. What? I don’t know what to do.” And we say, call, call, call your representatives right now. And you do call, but at some point it becomes too much and you say, “I’m not calling anymore.” And I don’t blame you. But that’s exactly what David Obama-Field wants.

Are we to believe that Obama stupidly went to Nancy Pelosi and her progressive friends and said come up with the best bill possible and she just loaded it up with pork all on her own accord? Is he that inept that he thought they could get away with overseas abortions, fluorescent light bulbs and polar bear habitats? Or did he know it would distract all of us from what this bill is really about: universal health care — which was quietly tucked into the bill at the last minute. What else is tucked in there?

Hmmm. While I agree there’s certainly a great deal of misdirection going on here, I question it being Obama’s doing. He may be quite good at management of his own spectacle, but I have serious doubt if his skillset goes beyond his immediate horizon. It’s my experience that self-centered people… and Obama most certainly is that, can think quite so far outside their immediate box.

Who set this up, then? Who started this ball rolling? I honestly don’t know. Seems to me a little hard to pin this on one player.But it also seems to me that we should be looking at the biggest players as a start. Among the prime candidates, we should include anyone who would have enough monetary power to tank an economy on command. Does anyone really think that an economy crashing just prior to a national election is an event that happens as a natual cyclical event?  On the top of that list to my thought is George Soros. He’s tanked economies before, and has made no secret of his desire to get Obama in the White House, for all the reasons we’ve discussed here many times.

Speculation Of course. I could come up with at least a half a dozen more names that would fit the known facts, but you get the idea. And anyway, I’d be just adding more smoke to the huge amount already in the room. 

The point I’m making, here is that I can’t help but get the feeling that there’s something quite major going on underneath all this smoke that is blindsiding us…. keepiong us from seeing what’s really going on, until it’s too late.


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