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Obama Worship And the Herd Mentality

I’ve got a new post up [1]at Pajamas Media, this morning, encompassing Obama, the Herd Mentality, and offering some serious reccomendations to Republicans for the future:

Ronald Reagan, for all that he was and did for this country, could not possibly have gotten himself elected to the presidency were it not for the towering failure of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. The facts certainly were on Reagan’s side. That point was not lost on the Republican base, which, as the candidacy of John McCain showed us, is always checking a candidate’s adherence to Republican principles. But certainly principles do not matter to those with a herd mentality.  What drove the center and even most of the left away from Jimmy Carter three years into his presidency was disappointment and resentment. In short, emotion. Those two factors — leftist disappointment and a satisfied right-wing base — are what resulted in Reagan’s landslide victory.

So, with that history in mind, here’s what our future looks like.

The left may have already started turning against Obama. Support for his stimulus bill was recently down to 37% (it has since rebounded a bit).  Obama’s approval ratings are already slipping from their post-election high. So we see that the chain of events which led to the removal of Jimmy Carter after one term may already be in motion with Barack Obama. An article in the pragmatic Financial Times asks the question [2]: “Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed?”

With these factors already in play, the GOP has to mind its own house.

I get into some detail on how to accomplish this. Go and read. [1]