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Coming to you today, direct from the frozen tundra of western NY, the very heart of the chruch of Global warming.

  • This Global Warming nonsense continues to get more comical.  The Buffalo News, just down the road, here, reports a global warming conference gathered inthe Queen City, today, in -6 degree temps. How much denial can the global warming scammers deal out? Stay tuned; I have a feeling we’ve not seen it’s zenith, yet.
  • So AP thinks their image of Obama was infringed on to make all those Hopey Changitude Posters?  I tell ya… it’s hard to know who to cheer against, here. Surber tosses in a stink bombs.  I’ve about run out of patience with AP, but this business at least has a quality of entertainment about it.
  • Salon’s staff seems to be having some questions about The Chosen One.
  • So do the voters, apparently. Support for Obama’s ‘Porkulus’ bill is down to 37%. He’s supposedly taking to the air Monday to try and sell us on the wonderful things that political payoffs to his buddies will do for the country.  If Salon is right, he may have a hard sell. He’s already lost much of the Dinosaur media support he had a scant two weeks ago.  The reaction to this bill tells me that all is not lost even with a hard leftist like Obama in the White House.   We can survive the two years until Mid-terms, I think.
  • The Saudis are telling us that 11 of the folks released from Gitmo? They’re now on the Saudi ‘most wanted’ list. For crimes commited AFTER their release. Just let that one roll around for a while.
  • Glenn, today:

    Rangel Flunks Math. “The financial-disclosure forms filed over the past three decades by Rep. Charles Rangel are full of fuzzy math, according to an exhaustive review released yesterday. The nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation identified 28 separate instances within Rangel’s 30 years of congressionally mandated filings where, it says, he failed to report acquiring, owning or disposing of assets.” JWF comments: “One wonders how Charlie Rangel avoided an Obama cabinet appointment.”.

    Ouch…. Good question, though. The best answer would seem to be that Obama knows the guy’s dirty, and wanted no part of him. So why no serious move to get rid of the guy, then?

  • Turns out Obama’s CIA appointment, Leon Panetta, was getting speech money… lots of it… from troubled banks that were eventually bailed out by the federal government.
    No pay limits for HIM...

    No pay limits for HIM...

    OK, so it’s not illegal. But listen, when Obama is so busy making noise about how bank bigwigs shouldn’t be making all that money on the taxpayer dime, what position does that put Panetta in, do you suppose?  And does anyone recall Obama said something about his being a lobbiest free administration?  You don’t really think they’re paying him $28,000 a pop because he’s a good speaker, do you? Joyner has more.

  •  Jennifer Rubin opines on Tom Daschle, and what his withdrawal means.
  • I hear Justice Ginsburg is dealing with cancer. We’ll see if they caught it in time, but it strikes me as an object lesson of why even McCain would have been a better choice than Obama.
  • I see Facebook isn’t making a profit. Big shock; neither is anyone else in the world of the web, as we mentioned the day the adnet at Pajamas Media got pulled. I wonder, if all the people doing their grave dancing number will make the same nosies when Facebook goes down? Somehow, I doubt it.

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