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This is the “Under The Bus” edition.

  • What about the rest? With all the activity on Obama’s appointees and taxes, it shouldn’t shock anyone that some news agencies are actually looking more closely at things, which in turn results in more calls for resignation of the other dirty players. Geithner, for one. Natiional Review:

    Daschle’s negligence was gross, particularly for a party and an administration that have celebrated prostration before the taxman as a “patriotic duty.” But Daschle’s offenses, galling as they may be, are exceeded by those of Geithner. Indeed, of all the tax transgressions touching Obama’s circle, Geithner’s are the worst.

    Not only did Geithner neglect to pay his taxes, he turned a buck by doing so—accepting payments from his employer for the very purpose of offsetting those taxes. When he took the money, he signed a statement promising to pay the taxes and then ignored his obligations—for years. Protected by a statute of limitations, he did not pay his 2001-02 taxes until his nomination made them a public issue.

    If Daschle’s tax problems should bar him from managing the federal health-services bureaucracy and Killefer’s preclude her from scrutinizing the budget, how is it that Geithner’s transgressions—the worst of the lot—are insufficient to disqualify him from managing the same Internal Revenue Service whose attentions he evaded?

    Bang on, though frankly I doubt we’re going to see anything resembling a shamefaced reaction from this White House, or from Democrats in general. They’ve demonstrated repeatedly since the Clinton years that they’re beyond anything resembling shame. Just remember this, however, the next time they try taking what they will call the moral high ground. bus2-ramble

  • Megan Mauls: Nice to see someone finally challange that moral moron Krugman. You go, girl.
  • It’s for you: Cell phones that go ‘boom’ Something tells me that wasn’t in the sales brochure.
  • The document dump that wasn’t: As I predicted yesterday, Dodd’s attempt at a shell game went over badly with his own district. I’ll tell you this, folks; I’ve never seen someone who wasn’t guilty so very intent on trying to cover things up, rather than pony up with the evidence he’s NOT guilty. the numbers I see coming back from there suggest he’s in serious re-election trouble. The question outstdning on this is if the people there will remember this come two years from now.
  • The road to oblivion: The New York Times is thinking of trying a pay structure on it’s website.  Again.  Apparently, the lesson wasn’t learned last time. That’s fine. I think the world will benefit greatly when the Times goes under. Note I said “When” not “if”.
  • Obama backs off on trade war: Obama’s slurping of Union backsides with “Buy American” didn’t work. He’s starting to understand he’s not going to get away with implementing what his rethoric promised. Funny how the place I find this is in a UK paper.
  • Is it because they’re not black? Speaking of not findng things in the domestic papers, you do know there’s a quarter million homes in Kentucky without power yet, right?  And they’re pissed FEMA hasn’t really gotten going, yet? I guess because there’s few black people involved and it’s not a Democrat stronghold, the news coverage isn’t as important as Katrina was.  Or perhaps it’s because there’s a democrat in the White House?
  • Firebombing churches? I wonder a bit on this one.
  • 38KKK? I’ll bet she doesn’t have much trouble finding a date. Still; a full gallon of Silicone? Yeah, they’re fake. What, you thought that was natural?

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