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This is the President’s day edition. Historians say that Lincoln had his car serviced here. Then again, these are the same people who think FDR and his socialism made the depression shorter.

  • Mandates: So, Crazy Uncle Hugo thinks the rigged election is a mandate for socialism? Interesting that Obama sounds so much like him, isn’t it? Daniel Duquenal has a nice piece on Chavez at Pajamas Media, this morning.
  • (Mumble) Birthday: Kim Jong Il is 67, today. Here’s hoping someone manages to find a way to prevent him making 68.
  • Where was he born? So there’s another lawsuit against Obama, demanding he prove his citizenship by coughing up his birth certificate.  And look, call it a hoax if you like, but  as you do, explain to me why Obama is so bent on not complying with the demand. Wouldn’t it make sense to produce the thing to shut them up and expose the meme that Obama’s not qualified as a natural born American, as a hoax?  Assuming he actually has one, what could it hurt to make it public? Or, is saying that has has a legt cert of birth assuming too much?
  • Up in the air: Canada wants a passenger bill of rights. According to the proposal, Airlines would pay fliers  $500 per person for each hour they are stuck on a plane on the tarmac, for whatever reason. I wonder if that includes the government owned airlines, eh?
  • What’s fair?Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air points out that Obama’s people are no longer issuing denials on the ‘fairness’ doctrine.  And Bill Clinton wants it.   So does New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey. Do you believe me yet when I say they’re going to push for it?
  • Feeling the heat: More confirmation that Chris Dodd is vulnerable at the next election. That’s OK, I expect the majority of Democrats in both houses are. And as I’ve indicated before, their own internals are telling them exactly that. Even assuming the Republicans don’t get their act together, the Democrats are saying internally that they’ll lose 50-60 seats in the house and a siilar percentage in the Senate. Two points about that; 1: Democrat internal polling always favors Democrats. 2: My guess is that between now and two years from now, the Republicans will get at least a bunch of their act together.
  • Here’s what he calls “Change  you can beleive in”: Jonah points out that those Obama commemorative coins they’re selling are 50 cent peices and quarters with stickers on them.  So, the people that were duped into voting for Obama, were also duped into buying fake coins to commemorate their mistake? Yeah, that fits. There’s something that just rings true… something that just fits, something that is representitive, in this. Hang onto those coins, kiddies. You’ll need ’em before this disaster called ‘Obama’ is over. Of course by then,  with the direction he’s got the economy moving, the 50 cent pieces won’t be worth a  dime… particualrly if they’ve got those damn stickers on ’em.
  • Don’t lose your head: Phyllis Chesler over at Pajamas Media speaks to the behading in Buffalo I wrote about on Friday.  I wish now I’d given it the full treatment, on Friday, perhaps even sending it on to PJM.  Oh, well.  Phyllis gets this one right, though, so it’s all good.
  • Too late to give him back: Politico takes the subject of Roland Burris who I wrote about over the weekend and expands on it.  So does the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • You’re fired: They’ve  released the name of the guy who set those fires in Australia.  Big hairy deal. In my view, it’s the local councils there that should be on trial. Their intervention, prohibiting common sense fire abatement in their ‘green initiatve; is the real culprit. That huge fire would ahve occurred eventually, anyway… this moron just hastened the day.
  • Instant crowd:   Oh, boy. Here we go again with eight kids.  Yeah, another one, looks like. I wonder if Ed Rasimus, who has been following the Nadya Suleman thing, and has a great writeup on it,  has heard of this one, yet.
  • Do we have clearence, Clarence? Yeah, I know…Maybe a little outta place, but these sad days you gotta get a laugh when you can.  Anyway, that plane that went down at Clarence NY the other day, was reportedly on Autopilot prior to the problem.  As I gather it, there’s nothing illegal about that, or even unusual. The way the investigation’s going, though, it’s looking like my original call was the right one: Icing. 
  • niewoodGerry Niewood: By the way, among the dead is one Gerry Neiwood, who I’ve written about before, in another Ramble.  One of the most memorable sax solos I know of, was on Chuck’s “Freinds and Love” from 1972…and it was Gerry.  Yeah, he’s been with Chuck a long, long time.  And I can still hear that solo playing in my head, just now.   Coleman Mellett, also with Chuck’s band for years, was also on that flight., They were coming back into Buffalo to play a concert with Chuck. That concert has been postponed, at least. I hear they had a concert planned at Beaver Creek Colorado, on the 27th, too… and the status of that I don’t know.  If you’re in the Northeast, there are still a number of concerts listed in the area, a lot of them in southern Ontario Canada, over the next few months.  I’d guess they’ll be back on the road as therapy, if nothing else, before long.  I hope so; I can’t imagine Gerry wanting it any other way.
  • Names of 3407 victims:  As I go to press, I notice that Fox has a partial names of the victims of 3407 up. I won’t urge you to pray for them, since as Steinbeck once put it, their paths are already laid out. But saying one for the folks left behind is worthwhile.
  • Where are they now? Speaking of music, a nod to Scott Fybush, who says:

    What the heck is the “Automatic Radio” being heard on 1430 at the moment? It’s a continuous loop of the new album “Low Expectations” by the local band Ernie and the Automatics – and it’s appearing non-stop on 1430 because “Ernie” is none other than car dealer Ernie Boch, Jr., who may well be the single most prolific buyer of radio ad time in New England. (He’s got legitimate musical chops, too – he graduated from Berklee College of Music, and his band includes two original members of the band Boston.)  This isn’t the first time Clear Channel has yielded up an entire station to a car dealer – we’re thinking of the stunt a couple of years ago that turned a Rochester FM signal into “Huge Radio” – but it may well be the first time an entire radio station has been turned over to the promotion of a single album. We’re told “Automatic Radio” will continue on 1430 until March 2, at which point “Rumba” is expected to return to simulcast mode.

    OK, total station buys aren’t all that weird anymore, though a local band doing the buy is a little odd… but…Wha…??? Two Boston members?  Hmm. I’ve always been a Boston fan.  So, I do a little research and I found the band’s site.  Click that link, and prepare to rock, Jack… nice audio.  Barry and Sibby are in the band, and anyone who can keep up with those two has got some serious chops. 

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  1. Obama’s stealing the census from Congress has suddenly awakened and enraged the Republicans. Maybe this will arouse them as well to challenge Obama for stealing the Presidency itself. They surely know he is not an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (which is more than merely being a 14th Amendment “citizen”) by virtue of either Obama’s birth to a dad of Kenyan/British citizenship or birth in Kenya itself — as manifested by his unwillingness to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal.


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