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  • Lost in space…. errr… ocean: This one’s  rather simple, Bruce… If it had made it to space, and it’s data ever made it to someone who wasn’t the acolyte of Gore, it would have ended the argument about AGW, with the AGW preachers made laughing stocks, for once and all. 
  • Oh, Say! Can you GMAIL?  I see as of this morning, GMail was a smoking hulk, leaving a lot of people without Email.  It strikes me that for so much of their systems to be inaccessable at one time, so as to wipe out access from a few continents, as apparently occurred here, some sort of coordinated attack apparently happened. Ask me again why I run my own domain instead of putting my business on GMail. (Disclosure: I do maintain a private Yahoo address, but use it only as a second, not primary avenue.)
  • SOTU Short version:  Obama’s ‘SOTU speech’ in brief: ‘Nobody but government will own anything, and that which you have will be taken from you.’ Personally, I’m waiting for Jundal’s part. I’m also waiting for the market reaction.  Every time this administration has opened it’s gob, the market goes down another few hundred points. I expect this will be no different.
  • It’s the economy, stupid: Seems Mrs Clinton has made a few enemies among the human rights activists for saying that economic issues currently outweigh human rights concerns with China.  Look, say what you will about the Clinton and their associations with the communist Chinese.  I’ll likely not give you much argument on that score. But it seems to me that at last as stated, she’s got this one right. As we are about to find out thanks to anti-capitalist Democrats running things, without a stable economy, the the rest of it hardly matters. Too bad Obama can’t figure that one out and stem the social spending.
  • That ain’t the way, Bro: I have said this before, I’ll say it again, Rick Moran: Taxpayer anger is already out there.  Any winning strategy on either side… Democrats or Republicans, is going to have to include dealing with it effectively. There’s two ways Republicans can be in front of this crowd… leading it as a parade, or running from the angry mob they’re becoming. I warn you, the latter option is not a winning strategy… and the polling data confirms this.  Thing is, it’s not just Republicans complaining.  I understand your reluctance to wade in on the negative, but I don’t see that as an either/or situation.  Recall, please, neither did Reagan.
  • Another SITYS moment: I see where the Obama Justice Dept has decided that enemy combatants held in Afghanistan don’t have US constitutional rights.  Remember that article I posted to Pajamas Media saying that Obama would be vindicating Bush?  There ya go. VDH speaks to this point, also:

    I don’t understand why, after Obama’s brilliant campaign, some are surprised about his conduct in office. From the Wall Street panic instilled by Obama’s gloom and doom rhetoric and Europeanization proposals, to the sloppy nominations of serial tax dodgers, to the surprise that the Bush ‘shred the Constitution’ protocols — hope and change rhetoric aside — were mostly adopted by Obama, it is as if the professional on the campaign trail is mysteriously stumbling after assuming office.

    Which would also tend to explain why Obama is back in campaign mode. He campaigns well. His leadership? Not so much, apparently.

  • Obama numbers tank: To that point, Obama’s numbers are starting to look abysmal.  The LA Times this morning is saying his approval ratings are slipping, his disapproval ratings have better than doubled. 
  • More: You can’t tell me stuff like this Dodd thing are not affecting those numbers. Most Americans will tell you that having a firebug driving the firetruck is fairly likely to be counter-productive.
  • More yet: Then there’s the ethically challanged Rahm Emanuel.  
  • More more yet: $10 a week? You’re kidding, right?
  • More yet yet: And then there’s Biden.  
  • More more, Yet yet: Obama’s own actions aren’t helping, either.
  • OOPS: The people are getting concerned. Obama supporters, particularly are starting to wonder if they’ve screwed up. Ah, Democrats. can’t get anything past them, huh? This Obama boat has so many holes in it, it’s hard to know where to start. Does anyone really think that Obama’s going to cover all that ground in one term, much less in tonights SOTU speech?

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