This is one stupid b*tch, video:

Hat tip:   Jeff Emanuel:  Red State.

House Democrats, you elected this twit Speaker.   Shame on you!

Addendum I: (Bit)

Does anyone remember during Reagan and Bush41, how we were told in no uncertain terms (Insert number here) of homeless people were dying on a weekly basis? Turned out the numbers being floated were larger than the number of homeless in that area, meaning the problem of homlessness would be gone in less than a week.

This is simply more of the same. Gotta inflate the numbers and push the idea of crisis, or their pork bill doesn’t get passed.

Addendum II:  (David L)

A major differene between the late Mitch Snyder and Mrs. Pelosi is that Synder was not down right stupid.   Sure Snyder, like Mrs. Pelosi, simply pulled invented his statistics on the spot.   Yet Snyder at least cited satistics that were not impaussible:

Snyder was known to exaggerate the problem of homelessness in order to call attention to the problem. During the 1980s Snyder also claimed that there were 3 million homeless Americans, but when questioned about the source of this figure, he admitted that he had made it up to please journalists. He is also alleged to have said that 45 homeless people die every second (which would mean that 1.4 billion die every year).

I think the MSM was more willing to accept Snyder’s numbers than Mrs. Pelosi.   It took a while to refute Snyder claims to the number of homeless.     Support for Porkulus is tanking.

Addendum III:  (David L)

Michelle chimes in with her answer to how smart Mrs. Pelosi is:Just say it:

She’s a moron. “Know Your Power?” Know Your Numbers, Nan

Such condescension.   Nice!

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2 Responses to “Just How Stupid is Mrs. Pelosi?”

  1. Unbelievable.  After 8 years of the Retard, you think that Pelosi slipping on the Thousand/million number is some proof that she is stupid or avidly manipulative? I think that she most likely knew what she meant as opposed to our previous Leader not getting the his own points.

    Be Good

  2. Has Mrs. Pelosi issued a correction yet?  Any evidence that she is even aware of her mistake?