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Housekeeping Notes

Doubtless, some of you will have noticed that there’s been some changes going on the last couple of days.

The right column has been modified somewhat. so as to allow me to compact the search items. I’m doing that, because I anticipate some additional features being over there very shortly. 

I’ve also done some modification of the category list.  This will be a little confusing until it finally hits its stride.  That may take a couple of days as I sort things out.  The category list was getting far too large for its own good; I started creating subcategories.  It’s down now to figuring out how I’d like it to be.  That’s going to be a process of experimentation, and will probably take about a week. 

You’ll also notice that Gravitars are up and running.  Those are the little pictures that are in the comments section.  You can establish one for yourself at gravitar.com

There will also be some changes being made to the Swamp Stoppers listings shortly.  There, again, we need to do some examination on which direction we’d like that to go. 

Questions, as always, can be directed at feedback.florack.us