First off, you’ll pardon me if I don’t shed any tears over Tom Daschle. Hopefully, he’ll be staying gone for good this time, though I doubt that’ll happen.  He’s too deep in the councils of the Democrats to stay gone for very long.

Even in the unlikely event Daschle is out of the picture totally,  don’t be thinking that Government healthcare is hobbled , either. Obama will simply find someone else to head the push. Howard Dean comes to mind, his record of being an incompetent boob not withstanding. Seems something of a job requirement, anymore, anyway.

Only after he withdrew his name.(Apparently at the request of the Obama White House) did we discover that the limo and driver and the taxes involved with that, were not the only problem as regards taxes and Daschle’s lobby efforts. Turns out he’d been flying on private jets, as well. That’s a grade one crime in the world of the leftist, unless you happen to be flying into a global warming conference to hear Al Gore tell everyone how evil the rich are for flying their jets and driving their limos and SUV’s.  Why we didn’t hear about that until AFTER he withdrew his name is a subject for speculation, but it’s not hard to draw the conclusion that the additional dirt was a motivator in Obama pushing him under the bus.

It should be pointed out that the name, and transgressions of Nancy Killefer were floated as a nifty little distraction, prior to the announcement that Daschle was history. Clearly, someone thought the screaming would be shorter lived if the stories came out both at once.

I note Boortz making similar sounds this morning to my thoughts on this Daschle matter, and he notes a Newsbusters story, that reports MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is suggesting all these corruption revelations are all the work of the Republicans. Can you beat it? Quips Boortz:

Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s those evil Republicans behind this whole thing. Karl Rove was orchestrating the entire scenario from a bunker deep under the mountains of West Virginia. In the world of liberal politics a liberal is never responsible for his own actions or, in Daschle’s case, political demise.

Well, of course.  It’s all Rove’s fault. After all, he talked Daschle ,  Killefer  and Geithner into not paying their taxes. He told William Jefferson that nobody would ever look in the freezer.  He convinced Charlie Rangel that nobody would ever ask any questions about his illegal money dealings. He convinced Blago that nothing would ever come from Democrat party busienss as usual. He convinced Eliot Spitzer that he should be giving in to his sexual whims, despite those whims being something he’d have procecuted six months before. After all, nobody will ever say anything.

It’s all Rove’s fault.


And the current Fitzgerald investigation I mentioned earlier today, involving a lot of Democrat big wigs… Yeah, that too, is all Rove. Ignore, of course the idea that Fitz was apparently totally uncontrollable during the Plame investigation, right?

Damn, that Rove is a bloody genius.

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2 Responses to “Further Thoughts on Presidential Appointements And Taxes”

  1. Folks need to do their own investigative reporting before issuing blind endorsements. Our nation needs and deserves it. Dean subjected a group of indigenous peoples to racist tirade (Abenaki) Used his clout to get his kid off a nighttime burglary arrest. Signed VTs gay rights bill under duress. And just cost the DNC s six figure sum in a sexual discrimination lawsuit. Regardless of his campaigning attributes this guy is a time bomb waiting to explode. Find ten ex-employees who actually liked working for him.
    KB Richard


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