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Dodd Releases Countrywide Docs… Or Does He?

Chris Dodd has suppsoedly gotten around to releasing details of his Countrywide loans.  But what he’s offered us in response to the 6 months of hammering leaves a lot to be desired.

The Hartford Courant has what documents he’s offered… (a couple reports and a press release) posted on their website [1]ykc07-32.jpg [2].

There’s a lot missing, however. Let me give you a word picture of things;

In submarine warfare, there’s a tactic which was used to good effect often enough. If you’re on the bottom, getting hit with depth charges, you sometimes can get away with blowing some loose parts out the torpedo tubes… anlong with anyone who has been killed, to make the attacking ship thinnk you’re sunk, your hull broken. That tactic is of a kind with what Dodd is giving us here. He’s trying to fake us out.

Look closely, however, and you’ll notice a few things.

First we notice that the only document with any meat on it is a report generated by a company based in the Democrat infleunce dreamland of Chicago.

Secondly, we notice that the press release is short on specifics, and what is posted does nothing to counter the questions which ahve been outstanding for the 6 months or so since dodd promised he’d release the loan documents.

Thirdly, we notice that Dodd does not in fact release the documents he promised he would.  At least, we note that the documents ahve not been posted anywhere online where peple might see them. they’re still under wraps. He has instead released documents of questionable origin… (Chicago? Is he really that tone deaf?) …that refer to the documents he promised to release, but did not.

Not even close, Senator. No cigar. Post the loan docuemnts as you promised.