Christopher HitchensChristopher Hitchens, fool err hero.   Well both.    A hero is person who risks his life for a noble cause.  Defacing a Nazi sign is a smal but albeit  noble cause.   Doing so in Syria is done at the risk of your life.    Ace has the details from the front lines, [language warning] here.

So Hitchens immediately takes out a pen and writes “No, no, f*** You” on the poster. I don’t know if he’d digested the story and decided to f*** with them anyway, or else he was just reacting to the modified swastika on the poster.Now, the Syrian Nazis are not popular and neighborhoods have tried to get their posters taken down. But then they threaten people and cause problems.[*’s inserted]

Was it Hitch’s true moral fiber or just the Bloody Mary’s?   Who knows.    Well done Mr. Hitchens.

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