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Yo Bro, We Niggers Now

Great quotes:

Said by many after Nine-Eleven:  We are all Americans.

Said by  Dubya and  many Americans after the Soviet invasion of Georgia:   We are all Georgians.

What should be said after Charlies Rangel and Robert Reich a/k/a Shorty, write the stimulus package:  We are all niggers now.

Well Brother Bit, we are now niggers.  Brother Charlie just  ‘plained that only us brothers can get federal stimulus money, video:

Hat tip to Ed Morrissey, Hot Air [1], who as a white guy is too busy working to notice the racial shafting.

Now yesterday, I’d have called both Charlies Rangel and Robert Reich a bigot.  But I’ll be too busy now spending my welfare stimulus check.

For Acme Widget to lay off on the basis of race is a federal crime.   Yet Charlie and Shorty want to mandate that Acme hire by race.    Sounds good to me.

More:  Michelle [2] and  Gateway Pundit [3].