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Obama Supporters: Low/No Class

McQ notes, this morning [1], something that bothered me last night, as well:


If there is indeed an “era of maturity” evident, it has nothing to do with the leftists of this country. Indeed, even on this day, they just couldn’t help their childish selves [2]:

But when Dick Cheney first rolled onto the giant TV screen, looking with his cane and trademark grimace like a villain in a Harry Potter film, the thousands of people gathered in SF’s Civic Plaza to watch the DC inauguration hooted as one. Their first mass shout-out of the morning.


Goodbye. Don’t let the chopper door slam your chair on the way out.

Well, that particular was one I didn’t know about, but I had heard about the crowd responding with their (Offkey) rendition of Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him) Goodbye” when Bush took the podium.

That’s just low class. I mean, maybe…  maybe it’s acceptable at a sporting event, such as a hockey game…(Though it’s always struck me as unsportsman- like) but at an an inauguration? Sorry, that’s low class, bordering on NO class.

1989 Presidential Inauguration, George H. W. Bush, Opening Ceremonies, Capitol, Swearing In [3]And as Bruce says:

But remember, now is the time to unite as one, because, you know, they won and whining like a spoiled brat (or throwing shoes at the White House [4]) and pitching fits in the street because you didn’t get your way is no longer cool. 

Indeed. These same morons will be the ones screaming we’re not being ‘polite’ and ‘fair’ and ‘respectful’ when any question… any question at all, arises from the right about Obama.  They’ll be the ones saying the Presidency should sheild the office holder from such attacks. Yet, look at what they do themselves when the tables are reversed.

As ye sew, so shall ye reap.