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A mix of rain and snow over the snow that came down last night… sloppy driving today around here. It can’t decide if it wants to rain or snow. Between the snow, the ice and the ponded water, it’s a real treat round these parts to drive.  Sloppy doings in DC as well, and I dunno to laugh or cry. Let’s go….

  • Client number 9, otherwise known as former New York Govenor Eliot Spitzer, (I admit it; it feels good to say that…) says he has some problems with Obama’s Stimulus Package.  And we know that Spitzer knows all about using lots of money to have his package stimulated, don’t we?   And “Robots, not roads?” He wants us to use that money for ‘transformative’  things? Typical Democrat… doesn’t know the difference between ‘nice to have’ and ‘needed now’.  No wonder New York is in the financial dumper. And…. Whose good idea was it to get this guy back in the public eye, anyway?  They bloody well deserve each other. Then again, looking at Patterson, not much has changed in that part at least.
  • So now, the guy who does the doctoring shtick on CNN.. Sanjay Gupta…  is the Surgeon General?  Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, think abut it. If it’s all for show, all Hollywood, (Or in Gupta’s case, Bollywood)someone who is already in that mold makes sense. And if there’s one thing we know it’s that Obama is all about show and managing his own specticle. Of course, that doesn’t mean all Democrats approve. Krugman, for example. Rotundo Moore, call your office.
  • In case you’d like to go, Blago’s staff is holding a seminar… taxpayer funded, of course… on ethics in the workplace.
  • Not so fast, Franken… Coleman’s put up the legal challange we thought he would. It’ll be interesting to see this come out the other way.. and I suspect it will.
  • Harry Reid - The ScreamAbout that particular cespool… Harry Reid says “Coleman will never ever serve’.   But wait a tick, Harry; didn’t you say that about any nomination put up by Blago? here’s a news flash…   They’re seating Burris, now.   I’d bet on Harry going two for two on this.
  • If anyone needed a clue on how much resentment there is among Democrats, and the kind of power struggles that will result one needs look no father than here. I’d say Harry’s won his last election and knows it… and now the real Harry comes out as a result. The lid’s come off. Next, the wheels.
  • Byron York notes this trend toward internal disputes and power struggles among the whole of the Democrat party. Harry’s only part of this deal.
  • McQ passes on some politically correct titles.
  • He also points up that Jessie MacBeth is back in the world again. Of course he is in typical Democrat style, blaming everyone else for his problems.  This Ain’t Hell also has a bit up on this.
  • Ah, to be hanging out at Vail. Not a very impressive sight, particularly given shrinkage. Gotta be cold there, right? How long before he goes on another ski trip, I wonder?
  • It’s always interested me, the spectre of Congresscritters calling for the jailing of Bernie Madoff, when it’s Congress, running a  bigger scam called ‘Social Security”. John Stossel takes this idea and runs with it today.
  • Every once in a while, Arlen Specter makes himself nearly worth the air he consumes. Apparently, he’s going to be fighting the Holder nomination. Good; Someone should. Here’s his floor statement.
  • So, we should be trusting  Ahmadinejad and crazy Uncle Hugo? Better ask the Turks.
  • Speaking of Obama and the resentment, he’s gotta be feeling it on Panetta. I begin to wonder if we see his name withdrawn in the next week or so.Wouldn’t shock me to see ol’ Leon under Obama’s Bus with the rest of them.
  • I wrote this morning about Obama being linked to the guy at the heart of the investigations into Richardson. Now it appears he’s linked to Blago through money as well. The amount of corruption among the Democrats is nothing short of staggering. Yet it seems all business as usual. Ya know, one of the nonsensical bits that McPain used to cough up is that money in politics was ruining good people, and that thereby the system is broken. If this long line of Democrat corruption revelations shows us anything it’s that McCain got it backwards… It’s bad people ruining a good system. Name that party…
  • I wonder if the residents of Spokane think “Global Warming” is the problem.
  • Look, Martin.. the larger question is why anyone takes Juan Cole seriously anymore. Not to be confused with John Cole, who also should be ignored, and for the same reasons.

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