Welcome, one and all to the very Snowbound edition of the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere: Bitsblog’s Nightly Ramble.

Yeah, the usual Nightly Ramble sign is under all that snow, somewhere.  We got at least most of that foot, starting last night. I really wanted to stay in, today, but the job was waiting. And so was the blog. Let’s get about it.

  • About that storm… Essentially, the whole eastern half of the country, from nothern Arkansas north, is suffering from some function of one huge winter storm.  Apparently, Gore decided to try and sell global warming in the middle of the snowstorm, anyway.  I can’t imagine too many takers, even in Washington, these days, but my problem there is attributing logic to such folk.  In the midst of all of the snow, comes one bright spot… James Hansen’s former boss is now declaring himself an AGW skeptic.  There’s a new study out, too, that gives many reasons that being a skeptic on the matter is the wise thing to do.  Bruce McQuain notes the story and says:

    Frankly I think the Al Gore AGW nonsense is in deep scientific trouble as more and more scientists join the increasing ranks of the skeptics. The trick, however, is to get the blinders off the media. Until that happens, the politicians will continue to think the underlying “science” is solid and settled and will cap-and-trade us into bankruptcy.

    Well, that’s always the problem, and in more than AGW alone, isn’t it? Does anyone wonder, anymore, why the Democrats are so busy attacking Limbaugh? They need to control the message. Too many skeptics.

  • Post GameI’ve started getting gripes about why I’m not talking abuut the super bowl. In answer, let me just say that if there is one thing on this planet that’s more screwed up than Jumbo shrimp, or the Federal Government, it’s the NFL. When the Arizona Cardinals… a team which historcally speaking couldn’t beat  fair to middling High School team in their street clothes… (But perhaps could beat Detroit) … ends up in the  playoffs, much less the Super Bowl, I know things are screwy.  I take it as a sign that the rest of the leauge is playing at the same gawd-awful levels we’ve been seeing of the NBA the last several seasons. Most of ’em phoning in most of the season.  That’s not an indication that Arizona doesn’t deserve being there… they’re better than the rest, it’s just that ‘s not saying much. The NBA lost my interest 20 years ago for that reason. I’m starting to think the NFL isn’t far back of them. The country’s superbowl watching habits are indicative, too. When half the audience and three quarters of the post game chatter for the last several years running has been more on the commercials than on the game, and to the onfield antics of the halftime shows, instead of the game, you can take that as indication I’m right. I’ll keep an loose eye on the game, (7p eastern) but don’t expect me to be drooling over the pre-game shows I hear are starting at noon.
  • Has Obama Derangement Syndrome Arrived? Well, I’m sure there are those who would like you to thnk so.  symbolismAs “The other McCain” points out, Republicans have been unable to generate the kind of militant hordes that the left has managed to do. Mostly, because as Moran, on his show last night, suggested, conservatives don’t tend to be motivated to that kind of reaction. Or to, as Billy pointed out last night, putting tatoos of Obama on your body.  But as I asked Jen Rubin on that show… how do we overcome what we have been witness to these last 8 years, with anything short of that level of commitment?  I’ve never gotten an answer to that question. Even Ronald Reagan frankly,  got into office only because Carter was such a walking disaster, and anyone would have been preferable.  Does there have to be that level of failure on the part of Democrats to get the right unified enough to react? Perhaps given what we see so far with Obama, we’re about to find out.
  • Arlen Specter should be an ex-senator. Now.
  • The only real bright spot in this economy of late has been the price of oil coming down and staying down. Guess how our government feels about keeping it there, by drilling for our own oil, instead of depending on the world’s despots? You already know, don’t ‘cha? Brian Douglass as comments as well. They’ll keep us on foreign oil and in the supposedly modern equivalent to the Yugo, as long as possible. It’s the way of the future, Comrade.
  • After 20 years of IT, all of them with security policies which are at best arbitrary and usually misguided by people who don’t undertsnad what they’re on about, I finally find someone who (Also) knows what they’re talking about with passwords. 
  • With our current financial issues, is funding abortions in other countries really what we wanna be doing? Obama seems to think so.
  • No kidding?

    “Libertarian progressivism distrusts big increases in government spending because that spending is likely to favor the privileged.”

    Well, that may actually be one reason. And it’s certainly true that the rich benefit from democrats being in power. (Why on earth would there have been a record number of private jets in the DC area for the coronation, save rich people liking Obama since they benefit from him directly?)  I’m a little disappointed in the article, though because he lacks the stones to mention little things like “principles’. Pretty much what I’d expect from Harvard and the NY Times. At least he’s arguing for lowering taxes. He’s got the right cause for the wrong reason.(Shrug)  It’s a start. Four years ago, we couldn’t get that far in the discussion.

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