freewayramble1Welcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere, BitsBlog’s Nightly Ramble.

Holy cow, is there ever a lot going on the last 48 hours around here. Lots of web traffic for lots of different reasons, and lots to talk about. I said a while ago that Obama winning meant we’d have no shortage of subjects to write to, and boy was I ever right. Let’s go:

  • I see Andrew Cuomo is polling well above Caroline Kennedy, even among staunch Democrats, for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.
  • So, as I said they would, they blocked Burris at the door? And this despite the weak constitutional case for doing so? Quite a sight, that… Democats blocking a black man’s entering the chamber Can you say “Selma”? I knew you could. Still, though, for sheer hutzpah, there’s nothing of this to compete with Burris himself…

    I have never in my life, in all my years of being elected to office, thought anything about race.”

    Yeah, right. I suppose that explains the forthing support of Black Panther Bobby Rush, right? We now better understand what Blgao thought Burris’ qualifications were… he lies smoothly enough.

  • I wrote to the farce that is the Leon Panetta appointement as CIA director last night. Jules Crittenden has a decent roundup, so does James Joyner. Reynolds has comments as well. I suspect, aside from what I told you last night,  that this appointment is BDS run amok.
  • As I meantioned last night, there’s an awful lot of infighting among Democrats, each in their own little power war. The Wall Street Journal suggests that this could serve to stall the nightmare.
  • Ann CoulterBoortz is saying Ann Coulter has gotten the boot at NBC.  Drudge says, meanwhile, that NBC seems in conflict about it, though. The stated reason? She’s being Critical of The Chosen One. Nothing new to see here, folks… NBC was unmasked a long long time ago. Move along, Citizen. Nothing to see here. By the way, for those of you who get Neal at Night… (And I think he’s on nights at 1110/WBT in Charlotte) He’s got Ann scheduled for 11am this morning. Meaning, she’ll be on in the final hour in the repeats.
  • Before you start giving Obama credit for his supposed tax cuts, you may want to read this from Politico.
  • For all the people lined up saying Bush was all about oil company profits, I wonder; have any of them noticed that gas prices are a net down for his two terms in office? I wonder if they’ll let reality over-rule their ranting on the topic. Yeah, I know. I doubt it, too, but I had to ask.  Reynolds laughingly links it to Saddam being gone. Actually, that’s reasonable, but I can’t help but wonder how that’s going to play as more of the Iraqi wells come back online?
  • Speaking of which, Crazy Uncle Hugo has decided the poor don’t need his help anymore. Ed Morressy has the details.
  • The religion of peace rides again.
  • At some point, the global warming freaks are going to go too far. Let’s hope for our sake it’s damned soon.
  • radio.jpgA sad note from Scott Fybush; Steve LeVeille, who was doing the overnights on WBZ/1030 and Lovell Dyett, also of WBZ, are going the way of the budget cut. Dyett, whose politics, frankly are abominable, was a regular voice up there, though… nearly 40 years. BZ prided itself on live and local all the time. Brudnoy who died a few years ago now, was a favorite of mine. I grew up listening to Larry Glick, too. Scott reports WBZ is also dropping their unusually large commitment to news, both local and national.  They did both the right way, but they’re finding out the right way is rather expensive.    To my mind, this move  gives Bob Savage (WYSL/1040, Avon, NY) some traction.. Bob’s been in a running fight with the hash WBZ makes of his smaller signal on the channel next door to 1030. At least with the local and rather unique programming, there was a reason for Bob’s signal to suffer under the sheer weight of the mighty BZ. With them going for the syndication at night, there’s no damned reason at all for WYSL to have to deal with the splatter from WBZ’s woefully misnamed IBOC signal. You’ve made a longtime listener very suspicious, WBZ… and a little angry, frankly. I doubt I’m alone.

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