I feel a bit like Rush Limbaugh, who says who could devote three all three hours a day to media bias.    With respect to Geraghty Law that all of BO’s statements come with experation dates, it might be easier to find a promise which BO has not broken.

Unlike the leftosphere, I can remember history prior to January 2001.   George W. Bush campaigned on promise to  bring a new tone and civility to Washington.   He had worked with democrats in Texas and believed that could to the same in Washington.   So  BO’s clarion promise of post-partisan presidency, wasn’t exactly a new idea.    Then the only books BO ever reads the one he had ghost written in his name.   I didn’t believe that Bush could achive a post-partisan presidency, and I know that BO can’t either.   However some on the left may have been tempted to believe BO”s campaign rhetoric.  Megan McArdle, Atlantic:

A few days ago, Obama was promising that 95% of working people would get a tax cut. The House has scaled that back to make it more affordable. It will be interested to see how the burgeoning young professional class that disproportionately supported Obama–the folks who are making good money, but living in expensive cities and still struggling with rent and loans–will take this.


Mostly, Democrats took their wish lists, called them “stimulus”, and look set to inflict them on the American people in badly done drag.

To badly paraphrase Abraham Lincoln if you call pork stimulus, it still smells like a pig.  BO summed up, Jennifer Rubin, Commentary:

So much for the non-ideologue, the eclectic and bipartisan President-elect. That persona is just for dinner parties. The one who seeks to govern apparently is an unalloyed liberal with little interest in crafting bipartisan, practical legislation. In devising his signature stimulus-piece he set the House Democrats loose and ignored the Republicans.

And for the silver lining, Robert Stacy McCain, American Spectator:

Ah, the yawning gap between Hope and reality! Well, if massive and stupid spending is going to be inflicted on the American people, at least let Democrats do the inflicting, eh?

There can only be one top dog in Washington.  It can either be BO or Mrs. Pelosi..    For one to survive the other must go.

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