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Dirty Harry’s Folds

Dirty Harry Reid [1]


WASHINGTON – The Associated Press [2] has learned Senate Democrats plan to accept Roland Burris for President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant seat.

NBC news reports Burris is meeting with the Senate leadership now as Senate Democrats look for ways to defuse the standoff that has denied Burris a Senate seat.

Dirty Harry as attributed by Bob Cusack et al, Hill [3]:

“If Obama steps over the bounds, I will tell him. … I do not work for Barack Obama. I work with him.”

reid_harry_dirty_finger [4]So Dirty Harry, just where are going to put your finger:  Hat tip:   Macsmind [5].

Jane Hamsher, Fire Dog Lake [6]:

I want to play poker with Harry Reid. Really I do.

Sure Dirty Harry, the mesiah must be really shaking in his boots over your threat not to work with him.