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Clan Kennedy May be Royal Pains, But They Not Royalty

The mainstream media treatment of the Kennedy clan as if they were somehow royalty irks me.   In the modern age, in civilized states, being treated a royal means comporting to actiing a manner befitting of royalty.    There is perious little the Kennedy’s have done that befits royalty.

So when Moe Lane [1], posted a link to this article [2], I was, to say the least, amused.   I just stumped on how to play it.  Then today Don Riehl, Riehl World View [3], asked:

Is America Finally Done With The Kennedys?

I realize Ted is ailing so I won’t pile on him here, though I will confess to disliking and disrespecting him as a man and politician perhaps more than any other politician over the years.


While it’s doubtful they will ever squander the full measure of their financial inheritance from an anti-semite and bootlegger, one can hope that with Caroline dispatched and Ted likely to be gone from public service before too long, they have finally squandered the capital of their heritage they’ve traded upon and few if any of them ever truly earned.

I submit,that if you read the comments on the Boston Herald article, not onlyare Americzn done with the Kennedy’s, they have been.