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Carolyn McCarthy Sets Her Sights on the Senate

Carolyn McCarthy is many things.  McCarthy is a widow, bitter,  and Congressional Representative for New York’s Fourth Congressional District [1].   However above everything else, Mrs. McCarthy is profoundly stupid.

Mrs. McCarthy’s husband Dennis was murdered by Colin Ferguson [2]December 7, 1993.    Ferguson has a black with a hatred of white.   This was before the age of the one.     Ferguson hated whites and wanted to kill as many of them as he could.   As Ferguson could not get a gun in New York City due the city’s draconian Sullivan Act, Ferguson traveled to California to buy his guns.

Wanting to kill and not be killed, much like the Virginia Tech shooter, Ferguson sought a killing field where his victims would disarmed.   He choose a Long Island Rail Road coach car.   Dennis McCarthy was on the train because he was going home.   Ferguson was there because he good reason to believe the McCarthy and his fellow passenger would unarmed, and they were.

In short, Mrs. McCarthy is a widow because of the asinine gun control laws of New York State and City.   Yet despite being a widow because of gun control, McCarthy has made her cause to fight for more gun control   Go figure.    Danny Hakim, New York Times [3]:

ALBANY – Representative Carolyn McCarthy of Long Island, a staunch supporter of gun-control laws, said in an interview Thursday that she would challenge a fellow Democrat, Representative Kirsten E. Gillibrand, if Gov. David A. Paterson names Ms. Gillibrand to the Senate.

Mrs. McCarthy started her career in Congress after she got mad at her then  representative for not voting for gun control.    So Mrs. :McCarthy ran, won and has been in Congress ever since.   Mrs. McCarthy might, I can’t say, have reason to get mad yet again.   Can she duplicate her House feat in the Senate?   I think not.    Then she will always have stupid.

Mrs. McCarthy should not have become a widow.   Colin Ferguson should have been hung and be rotting under six feet of New York State dirt, instead of eating food for which I am paying.   Hail the heros Kevin Blum, Mark McEntee, and Mike O’Connor.

It is fundamental right of free men to carry arms wherever they travel.    Free men are free to bear arms.   Serfs are not.   Mrs. McCarthy would have us all be serfs.