This is the RNC message wihich John McPain can’t stand, video:

Hat tip: Moe Lane, Red State.

While McPain can’t stand the video, I like it.  We tried the reaching out and the new tone business for eight years.   I, for one, am all for the old tone and the closed hand.   What say you?

As for RINO’s like McPain and Collin Powell, I don’t care if they shut-u0 or not.   In fact, I don’t care what they say.

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3 Responses to “View the RNC Video, Which McPain Hates”

  1. Not a bad video by any stretch.  That McCain (and one presumes, his fellow RINO’s) haven’t the stomach for it … kinda makes you wonder.  Are they so used to rolling over out of the fear of “looking mean” … or is there something else (don’t ask me what cause I haven’t the foggiest) which causes them to leave their manhood looked up at home.

    I am in agreement with you.  Seems a closed fist, or massive clue by four, is what is called for … enough of the Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood … lets have more WWF.

  2. Your post inspired me to do the same. with an applicable *hat tip* (as my trackback function ain’t functioning.


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