Having found a meme on Sara’s place, I’ll jump in:

You just won the mega powerball jackpot to the tune of 150 million dollars…

1. What would be the very first thing you would do?


2. Where would you choose to live?

Anywhere outside of the liberal dominated northeast. And certainly not on the west coast either. Perhaps the Carolinas, since Donna likes the water, or perhaps in Big Sky country near a lake somewhere.

3. What kind of house would you live in?

Whatever. I’m not particular about that, though I guess it’d end up being bigger.

4. What kind of car would you buy?

Frankly, I”m pretty happy with the one I have. I might buy Donna an Escape and keep the Fusion, though, and I’d spend some time and money dressing out the one I have.

5. Where would you vacation?

Wherever we’ve not been recently.  We have the trailer and like traveling that way. I figure we’d be traveling farther on a per-trip basis.

6. Would you have anything on your body fixed?

Weight, mostly.

7. What kind of hobbies would you engage in?

Photography. Been doing rather a lot of that of late, and have gotten fairly good at it. Ham Radio, perhaps.

8. What charities would you donate to?

Leukemia, cancer, and animal adoption agencies.

9. Would you give money to your relatives?

Sure. My Mom, mostly.

10.Would you run away from your current life?

Pretty much.

11. Would you continue to work?

Yes, but not where I’m currently working. Might buy and run a radio station. Always wanted to do that.

12. Would the money change you in any way?

I don’t see how it can’t, at least in some ways.


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  1. Good answers! These are always fun to read.


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