Hat tip:  Stephen Green, Vodka Pundit.


2 Responses to “Image of the Day: Stephen Green(Vodka Pundit)”

  1. I wonder, though if Green isn’t shooting in the wrong direction.
    Ford was the one who didn’t WANT the bailout.
    Further, having a Fusion in my driveway, I can tell you the quality of the car is first rate. Of course, it’s made in Mexico, so as to sidestep the UAW, which is the real issue, for all three makers.

    As I keep pointing out, this bailout is not about saving Detroit, or saving the big three… it’s about saving the UAW, and the political clout they lend to the Democrats.

  2. Bit, I give the debate points.  However Green does make one baisc adn vaiid point, if consumers wanted to give the Detroit three their money they could and would.  It is not up to Congress to spend our money ih says of which we do not approve.